OTA Update

An end-to-end update platform to deliver and install software for vehicle electronic control units over the air.


With more and more software inside vehicles, an increasing need for software updates to account for errors, and a growing threat of malicious software attacks, it’s a constant challenge to keep every vehicle’s software up to date. To this day, car manufacturers have opted to perform electronic control unit (ECU) updates when the car comes in for a regular service or for critical recalls, both of which are time-consuming, costly, and generally inconvenient for the manufacturer as well as the customer.


To update vehicles independently of their location and on-demand, we developed an end-to-end software update platform. Now car manufacturers are able to distribute the latest software over-the-air (OTA) for any vehicle in their fleet. Highly secure. Quickly scalable. Lightning fast.


The OTA Update platform comes with a backend component infrastructure and the corresponding vehicle client to cover the entire update chain.

It utilizes state-of-the-art proven security principles and algorithms: All encrypted connections sending encrypted data, with signature checks at every step along the way.

It is designed for a cloud-based microservice architecture and infrastructure as code both of which allow for quick scalability.

Its highly optimized diagnostics stack allows for faster flashing and less RAM usage compared to traditional methods.

Admin Interface

Web UI

OTA Update Cloud

OTA Update Cloud App

Software Repository

Campaign Manager

Vehicle Manager

OEM Systems

OEM Connector

Kafka Broker

MQTT Connector

REST Connector


MQTT Broker

REST API Gateway

Vehicle Client

Connectivity Module

OTA Update Client

Vehicle Diagnostics Manager

Communication Platform


Java Virtual Machine




Ethernet ECU

FlexRay ECU



Reliable update delivery
The platform ensures that updates are only performed when it is safe. In case of connectivity or power outages, the update is resumed as soon as everything is back to its normal state without any interference with the vehicle’s security and functionality.

Flexible deployment strategy
Through filter and categorization options and depending on what data is available for the vehicles, OEMs can define a custom update strategy.

Infrastructure as code
The OTA update platform can scale up the entire backend infrastructure by changing the system configuration.

Cloud compatability
The OTA Update backend and all of its core technologies are cloud-agnostic allowing OEMs to work with the cloud provider of their choice.

Minimum dependencies
The OTA update platform stands mostly alone and merely integrates OEM information systems as its primary data source through dedicated interfaces.

Resource optimization
Extensive resource optimization (RAM, ROM, CPU) allows the flashing of any ECU regardless of size or resource restrictions / parallel flashing.

ECU support
Any and all ECUs which implement UDS are supported for flashing on any vehicle bus (CAN, FlexRay, Ethernet, MOST, LIN).

Tested, end-to-end
The OTA update platform is tested thoroughly from the backend infrastructure to the vehicle client. We make sure to test every customization of our platform both in simulated environments and with real hardware before delivery. How we test

In case you need fast emergency software updates without over-the-air technology, check out Marlin