Most AUTOSAR development and configuration tools are focused on click-through user interfaces. While this works great for non-developers, it’s easy to overlook how software developers work best. The thing is, developers simply prefer using textual modelling. That is why Automate was designed to provide a textual authoring tool that embraces this reality, rather than trying to build around it.

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Experience a better way to develop AUTOSAR software - with Automate a textual modelling and authoring tool.

  • Efficient

    Automate features a textual modelling language which is generically derived from the AUTOSAR metamodel. This way Automate covers all modelling constructs available in AUTOSAR XML but at only one third of its size and dramatically improved readability.

  • Simultaneous

  • Scalable


Automate - a lightweight yet powerful approach to AUTOSAR software development.

Textual modelling & syntax highlighting

Describe AUTOSAR models using textual language and syntax highlighting to write code the way it's meant to be written.

Simple synchronization

The command line tool turns AUTOSAR XML into textual language and vice versa. Bidirectional. Lossless. Efficient.


Automate is perfectly suited to serve even large-scale projects which are bound to the AUTOSAR standard.

Version control

Automate works with a plethora of version control system allowing developers to work with the tools of their choice.

Multi-editor support

Automate supports a range of different editors like Eclipse, Visual Studio, Notepad ++, and VIM.

Concision & legibility

Utilizing text syntax makes editing clear and legible enabling developers to work with AUTOSAR more efficiently than ever.


For improved navigation, developers can follow references across files and jump backward to source elements.

Auto completion

Automate provides a built-in auto-completion function of language commands and command attributes.


Automate works with the most progressive languages in AUTOSAR development. Available for both Python and Ruby