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Expert knowledge for the automotive industry

ESR Labs is deeply embedded in the development of automotive software solutions. As of today, its software is a core element in millions of active cars.

Embedded Systems
ESR Labs is the right partner to realize embedded system projects: from real-time automotive ECUs, connected M2M devices, highly optimized stacks to complete system solutions.
Connected Cars
With profound knowledge in communication technologies, ESR Labs provides experience in developing backend, Over-the-Air, cloud, and embedded system solutions to connect vehicles to the grid securely.
AUTOSAR Solutions
ESR Labs offers AUTOSAR solutions ranging from complete AUTOSAR stacks, Ethernet solutions, the authoring and configuration tool “Automate,” to the development of MCALs and other drivers.

An unconventional approach

Highly complex automotive software projects not only require the ability to work full stack across all different layers but also require a fresh approach to common agile software development.

Full Stack Development
As a Tier 1 automotive software company, ESR Labs takes full responsibility for the development and integration of middleware components, low-level drivers, and selected elements of the application layer.
Agile Processes
At ESR Labs, agile development means running large-scale projects efficiently: through a constant flow of communication between project parties and by embracing changing requirements.
Market distinction

An exceptional company

ESR Labs achieved the status as a trusted Tier 1 software supplier through hard work and a dedicated software engineering mindset. What sets us apart is a work ethic based on four principles:

To build software with best possible hardware utilization.
To deliver the best quality for highest reliability.
To develop simple solutions to complex challenges.
To ship software on time, always!

Exploring new technology frontiers

The exploration of new trends and technologies is a vital part of the company. Currently ESR Labs ventures into two areas of high future relevance.

Artificial Intelligence
The dedicated AI unit contributes to the advancement of artificial intelligence by developing a complete software stack for autonomous driving.
Internet of Things
Our world is becoming more connected by the day. ESR Labs explores this space to create valuable and useful solutions.

A trusted partner

From high-tech Tier 1 suppliers, premium automotive OEMs to medium-sized technology companies and small technology startups - companies across the board enjoy working with ESR Labs.

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