Achieve efficient Autosar Workflows: with our Automate Tool, large-scale Autosar projects become manageable.

Motivation and Background

AUTOSAR is a very large and highly complex standard. There is an abundance of concepts and features for a wide range of use cases. Depending on the concrete AUTOSAR project, there has to be an intelligent selection and proper tool support.

Our experts have more than 10 years’ experience with AUTOSAR in a variety of roles from software developer, software architect to tool developer. They were the key players in a number of large and successful real-world AUTOSAR projects.

Tools and Automation

One lesson learned from our past AUTOSAR projects is that proper tools are of utmost importantce. This is due to the fact that AUTOSAR relies heavily on modeling and that it is absolutely crucial to keep the different model fragments in sync. Without a high degree of automation, this task is extremely time consuming and error prone and can lead to project delays or failure.

Since every project is different, AUTOSAR tools must be flexible enough that they can be adapted easily. The new E.S.R.Labs Automate tool chain was built from the ground up with the goal of flexibility in mind: the macro system allows for project specific simplifications and the scripting interface makes it easy to build and adapt automation tools with minimal effort.


As a consultant on your project, we help you choose which AUTOSAR features to use and which you’d be better avoiding. We build and adapt automation tools to your needs. Even if Automate is not your primary modeling tool or you have a multitude of other tools on your project, our experience and tools can help to simplify your workflow and get faster and better results.