DriveNow Engineering the embedded carsharing platform for the future of urban mobility


Technology for an emerging class of mobility services

Modern customer-centric mobility solutions require technology that can adapt to changing circumstances quickly and effortlessly. Heavily used services like DriveNow are built on over-the-air technology. As a result, software updates to make the carsharing experience smoother and more intuitive can be easily applied to the full vehicle fleet remotely.

In which our carsharing solutions operate.
In an ever-growing fleet that ranges from Munich to London.
Rely on our technologies on a daily basis.

Complex challenges made simple through software

ESR Labs built an embedded carsharing platform to realize the vision of DriveNow. The software platform at the heart of each DriveNow vehicle utilizes headless Android technology to drastically reduce time to market, while also ensuring high reliability and efficiency. Additional security has been provided through the application of dedicated hardware security modules.

Complete system solution (from board support package to application), high availability system, extremely short update cycles, remote updates / over-the-air updates, high security requirements.
Headless customized Android, real-time embedded automotive controller, security hardware, BMW remote HMI, Bluetooth, NFC, MQTT / HTTPS, CAN / LIN, Over-the-air, C++, Java.
ESR Labs and DriveNow worked in close collaboration, with frequent iterations and short feedback loops, to ensure that DriveNow's vision was realized. This ensured that every development cycle returned a fully-functional software update that could be transferred to each DriveNow vehicle.
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