Automate. A powerful AUTOSAR authoring tool with textual user interface.

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Small but mighty

Automate provides not only a textual interface but also features a textual modeling language which is generically derived from the AUTOSAR metamodel. This way, Automate covers all modeling constructs available in AUTOSAR XML at only one-third of its size and improved readability.


Feature by feature

Designed for large Autosar projects and specifically tailored to the needs of automotive embedded software developers.

Textual Modeling

Automate allows developers to describe AUTOSAR models using textual language.


Perfectly-suited to serve projects which are subject to the AUTOSAR standard.

Fast & Scalable

Easily scale up to serve even large-scale projects.

Multi Editor Support

Automate supports editors like Eclipse, Visual Studio, NOTEPAD ++, and VIM.

Version-Control Support

Work with the version control software of your choice.

Concision & Legibility

Automate text syntax makes editing clear and legible.

Edit Models like Code

Treat models like code through textual modeling.

File Conversion

Once ready, easily convert code into XML files.

Syntax Highlighting

Making editing easier through clear and visual syntax highlighting.


Follow references across files and jump backward to source elements.

Auto completion

Utilize the built-in auto-completion function of language commands and command attributes.


Now available for Python and Ruby

To enable efficient and state of the art programming for AUTOSAR, Automate is designed to support both Python and Ruby.

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