Automate is an Autosar Authoring Tool with a textual user interface. It’s particularly well suited for large Autosar projects and is tailored to the needs of software developers.

Concise Syntax

Automate features a textual modelling language which is generically derived from the AUTOSAR metamodel. This language covers all modelling constructs available in AUTOSAR XML but is just about one third of its size and much more readable.


Macro Language

Automate features a macro mechanism which allows to define project specific shortcuts on top of the AUTOSAR metamodel. Macros are simple model snippets with placeholders and an annotation defining the macro name and its arguments.


Simple Synchronization

Automate comes with a command line tool which can turn Autosar XML into the textual language and vice versa. The conversion is bidirectional and lossless.


Editor Plugins

Automate editor plugins are available for Eclipse, Visual Studio, and VIM. All of them support Syntax Highlighting, Code Folding, Error Annotation, Auto Completion, Navigation of References and Model Element Search. The plugins are small and have a minimum of dependencies. They can be integrated easily into existing setups.


Scripting Interface

Automate features a concise and powerful scripting language which is generically derived from the Autosar metamodel. Below is a complete standalone example which walks over all ClientServerInterfaces and prints all ApplicationErrors which are used by an OperationPrototype. With just one more line of code, modified models can be written back to ARXML.