The whole is only as good as the sum of its parts. In other words, all of us are responsible for the evolution of ESR Labs. That is why our culture starts with amazing individuals who inspire, motivate, and push each other.

Discover how


Building a conscious engineering culture.

  • We set the bar high

    As of today, our software runs in millions of cars. Along these lines, it means that we cannot afford software that is not operating at the highest reliability and performance. That is why our engineering teams come up with rock-solid embedded systems, consistently.

  • We innovate with diversity

  • We solve problems creatively


Nuts and bolts.

Programming Language

  • Programming Language
  • System Programming OS
  • IDE
  • App Programming
  • Test Framework
  • Build System
  • Communication Technologies
  • Microcontroller Architecture
  • Protocols
  • Hardware Dev
  • Software Dev
  • Issue Tracker
  • VCS
  • Machine Learning
  • JIRA Trello Paper
  • GIT Gerrit SVN Github Mercurial
  • C++ Tensorflow SoC/System on a Chip GPU Cuda OpenGL ES 3.x Git Phython NVIDIA DrivePX2 ARM64 Linux Keras Caffe Real-time OS
  • C++39 C32 C#10 Ruby16 Python15 Java23 JavaScript5 PHP1 Lua5 Groovy1 Perl1 Kotlin1 Haskell3 Go2 F#1 Rust5 Clojure1 Scala2
  • Linux13 Android8 RTX2 AutosarOS10 QNX2 Windows7 TinyOS2 FreeRTOS7
  • Eclipse21 VIM17 Atom5 IntelliJ11 Notepad ++19 Sublime3 Emacs2 Visual Studio Code4 PyCharm9 CLion1 X Code1 WebStorm1 Visual Studio6 Notepad22 CAPL Editor1
  • Mindroid10 ESR Basic Software19 Android16 iOS2 QT8 Windows27 Linux29 AutosarOS17 QNX5 RTX3 ERIKA OS1 FreeRTOS8 TinyOS2
  • Catch7 Google Test26 Google MOCK21 X-Unit0 J-Unit9 CPP Unit6 Python unittest.mock1 rspec1 mockito1 NUnit1 Moq1
  • Bake30 CMake19 Make28 Rake21 Maven4 WAF2 Gradle7 Ant7 Dub1 Cargo6 Meson1 QMake1
  • Ethernet19 WiFi7 Bluetooth5 RS23214 CAN20 FlexRay5 MOST3 LIN7 SPI12
  • Cortex M13 Cortex A5 PPC12 IntelX866 MSP 4304 AVR4 PPC12
  • TLS6 HTTP16 IPv4/v619 TCP25 MQTT7 Protocol buffers9
  • SpectrumAnalyser2 LogicAnalyser5 Vector19 Peak CAN/LIN1 Multimeter1
  • Docker10 Jenkins37 QaC1
  • JIRA45 Trello13 Paper1
  • GIT47 Gerrit19 SVN26 Github21 Mercurial6
  • C++8.8 Tensorflow8.8 SoC/System on a Chip8.8 GPU8.8 Cuda8 OpenGL ES 3.x8 Git8 Phython7.1 NVIDIA6.2 DrivePX26.2 ARM646.2 Linux5.3 Keras4.4 Caffe2.7 Real-time OS1.8
  • C++ C C# Ruby Python Java JavaScript PHP Lua Groovy Perl Kotlin Haskell Go F# Rust Clojure Scala
  • Linux Android RTX AutosarOS QNX Windows TinyOS FreeRTOS
  • Eclipse VIM Atom IntelliJ Notepad ++ Sublime Emacs Visual Studio Code PyCharm CLion X Code WebStorm Visual Studio Notepad2 CAPL Editor


Listen, learn, and share.

  • Learn and grow

    Everyone at ESR Labs is free to choose what to learn. There are almost no restrictions on how you can invest your education budget. Listed below are some of the platforms our employees use to learn new skills.




  • Listen and share


Tinkering, talks, and tournaments.

  • Lab Days

    Once a year, a group of almost forty employees venture into the Alps for the annual Lab Days. A classic Hackathon, reimagined.


    A cabin in the woods


    Experimentation and play


    3 days and nights


    Rural programing, great food, and new friends

    Projects completed


  • Lab Sessions

    40 minutes of presentation - 20 minutes of Q&A. This recipe is quite simple - The results, however, are incredibly contagious.


    ESR Labs Headquarters


    Lectures and talks


    40 minutes presentation

    20 minutes Q&A


    60 minutes of fame

    Sessions completed


  • Lab Challenges

    Lab challenges call for competitive problem-solving with different teams working against the clock. The winning team awaits a coveted price.


    ESR Labs Headquarters




    Time cap of 2 days


    A coveted price

    Challenges completed



Our culture in action.