Our vision is to become the most trusted and most influential embedded software company across the automotive industry and beyond


A company by developers for developers

We are a team of architects and engineers brought together by our passion for embedded software. Our mission is to craft exceptional embedded software through a strong focus on simplicity, performance, quality, and reliability.

A small team of dedicated engineers with a strong background in the automotive industry started ESR Labs.
ESR Labs moved into its new Munich office located on the Balan Campus of Ideas.
Within only six years, ESR Labs has become a trusted Tier 1 embedded software supplier.

An embedded software development company at heart

ESR Labs is a Tier 1 embedded software development company whose success is built on a deeply committed and dedicated software engineering mindset.

Tier 1 Software Supplier
ESR Labs has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 2012. Within only five years ESR Labs has become a trusted Tier 1 embedded software supplier of some of the most prestigious German premium OEMs. Achieving this milestone means the world, but as an organization, ESR Labs strives to grow and expand while at the same time staying true to itself: a company by developers for developers.
Dedicated Software Culture
ESR Labs continuously iterates to reduce organizational constraints and complexity granting engineers as much autonomy as possible. That also means dedicating a substantial amount of time to new ideas, singling out what drives progress. In the end, everything that happens here comes down to working towards the end of a project with as few obstacles as possible.

ESR Labs leadership

The managing directors at ESR Labs are not only a team of seasoned industry professionals but also the nucleus of our corporate strategy and business vision.

Gerd Schäfer, CTO
Wolfgang Köcher, CEO

Simple solutions to complex challenges

We do not believe in highly complex structures or unnecessarily rigid processes. Our everyday work is characterized by fluid interactions and vivid dynamics, always in search for simple solutions to complex challenges.

“We” always beats “Me”.
Simple solutions to complex challenges.
People over profits, passion over growth.
We don't hire experts to tell them what to do - we hire them so they can tell us!
Meaningful structures and processes.

Where to find ESR Labs

ESR Labs is located in the south of Germany with Munich being the headquarters of the organization.

Munich Office
Balanstraße 73, Haus 10, 3.OG
81541 München
Kulmbach Office
Langgasse 15, 1.OG
95326 Kulmbach
Ingolstadt Office
Nürnberger Straße 34, 8.OG
85055 Ingolstadt
Phone: +49-176-13770077