Code of Conduct
for Suppliers


ESR Labs GmbH is an independent Tier 1 software supplier for the automotive industry, specializing in full-stack development of embedded and front-/back-end software as well as research & development of autonomous systems.

As an established supplier for serial-production projects, we develop customized, efficient, and future-oriented solutions in close cooperation with leading premium OEMs, Tier 1s, and semiconductor manufacturers. As their software partner of choice, we assume responsibility for the entire duration of the project, taking into account functional safety, security, and required serial-production quality.

Our success is also based on a very good and trusting cooperation with our business partners and suppliers. Integrity and sustainability in all business activities is the prerequisite for a good business relationship.

ESR Labs expects all business partners and suppliers to comply with applicable laws and regulations and to share values such as integrity, honesty, responsibility, and fairness. This Code of Conduct sets forth the principles and requirements for suppliers conducting business with ESR Labs. Furthermore, it applies to all suppliers and third parties collaborating with ESR Labs for the fulfillment of contracts.

Business Relationship

Fight Against Corruption

ESR Labs expects its suppliers not to tolerate corruption, bribery or extortion. Suppliers will ensure that their employees, subcontractors or representatives will not offer, give or accept bribes, improper gifts or other improper advantages in their business relationships in order to gain advantage.

Avoidance of Conflicts
of Interest

ESR Labs’ suppliers are to base their decisions on objective criteria and do not allow personal interests and relationships to unduly influence their decisions.

Free Competition

ESR Labs is committed to fair dealing with competitors and will not collude with competitors to circumvent free competition or gain unlawful competitive advantage. ESR Labs expects the same from all of its suppliers. All suppliers are required to comply with all applicable competition and antitrust laws.

Money Laundering and
Terrorist Financing

ESR Labs expects its suppliers to meet their responsibilities in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing and to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Trade Secrets

ESR Labs’ suppliers shall ensure that confidential information and trade secrets of ESR Labs and any involved third parties are not unauthorized disclosed or published.

Information Security

ESR Labs requires its supplier to protect the confidential and proprietary information. Such information, including personal information, must be protected from unauthorised access, modification, destruction, use, disclosure, or replication through appropriate organisational and technical security procedures. Suppliers must comply with applicable privacy, data protection, and information security laws.

Environmental Protection

ESR Labs expects its suppliers to meet legal requirements and necessary standards regarding environmental and fire protection through appropriate environmental management.

Furthermore, ESR Labs expects its suppliers to use natural resources responsibly and economically. Waste generation should be avoided as much as possible and waste disposal should be carried out professionally. ESR Labs’ suppliers will ensure that the handling of chemicals in their company is safe and responsible. By using the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies possible, they minimize the environmental impact on air, water, and soil and contribute to the reduction of energy consumption and CO₂ emissions.


As a basic requirement for all business relationships, ESR Labs requires its business partners to respect internationally recognized human rights and the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

Working Conditions

ESR Labs expects our suppliers to provide fair and socially responsible working conditions for their employees in accordance with applicable national regulations.

No Forced Labor, Child Labor,
or Human Trafficking

ESR Labs requires its suppliers not to tolerate or participate in any form of forced labor, child labor, or human trafficking in their business. The minimum age for the employment of minors will be respected in accordance with applicable national regulations.

Freedom of Association and Right to
Collective Bargaining

The right of employees to freedom of association and to form interest groups is respected by our suppliers in accordance with national legislation. Our suppliers respect the national right to collective bargaining of employees.

No Discrimination

ESR Labs expects its suppliers to provide equal treatment and opportunities for its employees. Any form of discrimination, e.g., based on origin, appearance, color, age, gender, disability, religion, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

Health and Safety

Suppliers ensure that they comply with the national measures required by law to ensure health and safety in the workplace and thus guarantee healthy working conditions for their employees.

Remuneration and Additional

ESR Labs requires its suppliers to pay compensation and benefits that comply with applicable law. Compensation must be at least as high as required by law and collective bargaining agreements, and the applicable regulations regarding working hours and vacation must be observed.

Closing Statement

Violations of this Code of Conduct constitute a relevant impairment of business relations with ESR Labs. ESR Labs reserves the right to seek remedy of such violations by appropriate countermeasures and, if necessary, to terminate the business relationship for cause if it is proven that no improvement will occur within a reasonable period of time or if the business relationship with the supplier becomes unreasonable for ESR Labs due to the severity of the violation.

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