Designed for software engineers.

Designed for software engineers.

ESR Labs is an entirely independent software company built for developers by developers. A great workplace for talents who love what they do and who invest countless hours in their craft.

ESR Labs is an entirely independent software company built for developers by developers. A great workplace for talents who love what they do and who invest countless hours in their craft.

Work on projects with real impact.


Perks, perks, perks.

  • Learning & development

    Highly talented and creative individuals grow best if they have the freedom to learn on their terms. At ESR Labs you are free to study what you are most interested in, whenever.

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  • Work-life balance

    Building an exceptional company is no part-time activity. We know it requires hard work. That is why we have a fresh approach to work-life balance to make sure individuals can perform at their best.

    How we make it work

  • Modern, central offices

    Nice offices alone make no culture, but they sure are a pleasure to have. Our office spaces not only promote a free flow of information but also make you feel good.

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  • Relocation assistance

    You want to move over from anywhere on the planet? No worries, move with us. We financially and procedurally support new employees on their journey to Germany.

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  • Culture of growth

    Our employees are our strategic advantage. They leverage the organization with their knowledge and experience. We, in turn, make it our utmost goal that their professional and personal development has the perfect breeding ground.

Engineering culture

Six more reasons to join us.


We enjoy what we do. To us, software is fun.


We care about the organization and its members, deeply.


We are not picking up on fads and trends. Rather we extract what works best for us.


We are pragmatic about our work. Always with the best solution in mind.


We do not have to prove how good we are. We just do our thing.


We love to learn, especially from our colleagues and teammates.


That many talents cannot be wrong.

  • Ayrin

    Support Software Engineer

    I always feel welcome at such an international company. And what I like the most is that in your daily doing you are not merely limited to your field of work. I enjoy for example creating small scripts which accelerate my to-do list.

  • Oliver

    Software Project Manager

    Our daily work has tremendous practical value. Not only do we create software which makes vehicles more efficient and useful but we also see our work driving around on the streets everywhere.

  • Eva

    Financial Controller

    I like that ESR Labs supports individual career paths and fosters a culture of professional development. My external training helped me a lot in doing a better job.

  • Johannes

    Functional Safety Engineer

    I enjoy the multicultural character of the company. The constant exchange of talents from such diverse background boosts performance and helps with difficult challenges.

  • Frauke

    Embedded Software Engineer

    I like the team spirit around here. Our annual Lab Days provide the perfect opportunity to start exciting side projects.

  • Martin

    Head of Artificial Intelligence

    Probably the best thing about this company is working with like-minded people who enjoy what they do and who indeed share a passion for software engineering.


How to join us.


Send us your documents. Make sure they are clear and concise.

2First call

Time to show some personality and ask your questions.

3Live coding

Showcase your craftsmanship and dazzle us.

4On-site day

Time to meet and get to know each other in person.


Want to know more?

  • New Hire Onboarding

    Getting your first days right at ESR Labs is vital to us. Here's how we make it happen.

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  • Applying for a job at ESR Labs

    You are wondering how we structured our application process? Here are some insights.

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