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C++ now and in the future
Dietrich |

C++ been around for a long time. Almost 20 years have passed since its iso-standardization. With major changes in the last years, C++ developers need to update their knowledge.Read more

LabDays 2015: A cabin in the woods
Henri |

This year we had our annual Hackathon in the Austrian Outback in a region called Bregenzerwald. In a beautiful environment, ESR Labs employees gathered into a summer cabin for three days, devoting their time to cool software projects. In Bregenzerwald the scenery is spectacular, and it provides great possibilities for outdoor activities in the woods and hills. The weather also happened to be unusually warm considering the Highland altitude!Read more

Ready, set, go! Kickstarting with ESR LabDays

When we joined ESR Labs around the start of June this year, it was an exciting time for us: Getting to know a new company, new people and learning about the incredible complexity of embedded systems.Read more

TUM workshop 2015
Andrei |

Every year we take the time to prepare a workshop together with the Department of Computer Science TU Munich for the students. Last years the task for the students was to program Java on development boards running an Android OS. This year we wanted to take it to the next level...Read more

Alexander |

We have recently worked on a project with over 100 developers in three countries, and the build system was a pain. It was slow. It was based on Eclipse, and it was not possible to build the workspace from the command line. Editing and merging the configuration files was a mess.Read more