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GTC 2018
Jamie |

One of the many nice things about being based in Munich is that every year in early October, Nvidia GTC Europe comes to town. This year we were represented by machine learning specialist, Jamie. Here's what he experienced.Read more

Embedded World Exhibition and Conference
Florian |

Florian, one of our expert embedded engineers set out to document his experiences during his visit of the Embedded World Exhibition and Conference in Nürnberg, 2018. Here's what happened.Read more

Eight personal reflections after the 2018 McKinsey Expedition
Simon |

Pause and reflect. Simon, one of our talented machine learning engineers, looks ahead and discusses some aspects of the imminent revolution of autonomous driving.Read more

DAHO.AM 2017
Frauke and Andras |

It was the fourth DAHO.AM conference and the biggest ever since. Here's what two of our talented engineers, Frauke and Andras, experienced at DAHO.AM 2017.Read more

LabDays 2017 - A witness account
Leo |

One of our most recent hires, Leo Arnold, has written a summary of his experience at this year's LabDays. Here's what went down!Read more

C++ now and in the future
Dietrich |

C++ been around for a long time. Almost 20 years have passed since its iso-standardization. With major changes in the last years, C++ developers need to update their knowledge.Read more

Learning & development
Kateryna |

You want to get better and learn new things? Here's how!Read more

LabDays 2015: A cabin in the woods
Henri |

This year we had our annual Hackathon in the Austrian Outback in a region called Bregenzerwald. In a beautiful environment, ESR Labs employees gathered into a summer cabin for three days, devoting their time to cool software projects. In Bregenzerwald the scenery is spectacular, and it provides great possibilities for outdoor activities in the woods and hills. The weather also happened to be unusually warm considering the Highland altitude!Read more

DConf 2016 Report

This May the yearly DConf was held in Berlin. The DConf is one of the meeting platforms of the community around the D-language.Read more

CppNow 2016 Trip Report
Alexander |

C++Now is a conference with its particular charm and atmosphere and is now in its tenth year. Located at a high altitude in Aspen, Colorado it is surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Rocky Mountains. Most people tend to connect Aspen with skiing or high society, but every year after the skiing season ends a group of C++ enthusiasts gathers there for a whole week to discuss the latest developments in the C++ world.Read more

DAHO.AM 2016
Oliver |

From start to finish the whole conference was a pleasure to attend. It had just the right mixture of an engaging technical program and relaxed atmosphere that lasted the whole day. The theme of the conference was intentionally kept very bavarian-style, starting out with a Bavarian breakfast day and ending with dinner in a Bavarian beer-cellar. A nice gimmick: anyone who wanted a beer just had to mention a particular hashtag in a tweet together with their row number and an attendant would bring them a beer instantly.Read more

Ready, set, go! Kickstarting with ESR LabDays

When we joined ESR Labs around the start of June this year, it was an exciting time for us: Getting to know a new company, new people and learning about the incredible complexity of embedded systems.Read more

TUM workshop 2015
Andrei |

Every year we take the time to prepare a workshop together with the Department of Computer Science TU Munich for the students. Last years the task for the students was to program Java on development boards running an Android OS. This year we wanted to take it to the next level...Read more

C++ Now 2015
Tom and Frank |

When people hear the name Aspen, most of them will think about high society and skiing. Particularly during the winter season that might be an appropriate description of this small town surrounded by snow-covered 4000-meter giants in the Rocky Mountains. In late spring...Read more

A field trip to the Linux Conference
Florian and Nico |

Nico and Florian headed to the (Embedded) Linux Conference in Düsseldorf in October. Here are the experience and the knowledge they want to share.Read more

Google I/O 2015
Veronika |

One of our engineers, Veronika Radionova went to the Google I/O 2015 conference in Dublin, Ireland. Here's what she experienced.Read more

Alexander |

We have recently worked on a project with over 100 developers in three countries, and the build system was a pain. It was slow. It was based on Eclipse, and it was not possible to build the workspace from the command line. Editing and merging the configuration files was a mess.Read more