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XLETIX Challenge 2018 - Elevated Madness
Manuel |

Last year's XLETIX challenge was hard, but it seems like the team already forgot about how hard it actually was since yet again we put forward a great squad of Embedded All-Stars for this year's challenge.Read more

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
Jamie |

The thought of relocating to Germany can be quite daunting. Mainly, when you are not by any means familiar with the German language. Learn how our British software developer Jamie found his way around Munich and how ESR Labs helped him get settled in.Read more

ESR Labs vs. XLETIX Challenge 2017
Kateryna and Ayrin |

XLETIX is an obstacle course racing, where people come together as a team to face the ultimate physical challenge. This year, ESR Labs has put forward a great team of sports enthusiasts to represent our company.Read more

Work-Life Balance
Marc |

Work-life balance is an important topic. Here's how we at ESR Labs approach this topic.Read more

Ergonomic Workplace
Marc |

Working in an office environment that makes you feel well is vital. Here's how we created a workplace where you can .Read more

Culture of Growth
Gerd Schäfer |

Here at ESR Labs, we believe that individuals perform best in an environment that serves as a perfect breeding ground for both organizational learning and individual learning.Read more

New Hire Onboarding
Kateryna |

Getting your first days right at ESR Labs is vital to us. Here's how we make it happen.Read more

You want to move over? Move with us!
Mikhail |

We at ESR Labs help our talents move to Germany. Follow Mikhail on his journey to Germany to see how relocating with us works.Read more

Applying for a job
Kateryna |

You are wondering how we structured our application process? Here are some insights.Read more