Joining ESR Labs not only means to work alongside many talented individuals but also to grow on a professional and personal level. And there is virtually no limit to your growth. You decide how fast you progress. It is worth mentioning that we have no formalized systems in place that guide people through their jobs.

For one part this might be a relict from the intensity of our early days. On the other hand, however, we strongly believe that high performing individuals are generally self-improving, driven by the inner urge to become better. That is especially true for senior hires. Thus, trying to push people into a progression/learning path or framework that has been designed by someone else might be counterproductive.

We actively encourage and support our employees in honing their existing and developing new skills whatever and whenever they see fit, ranging from online learning platforms, attending conferences to being part of our annual lab days retreat and other course opportunities.

Educational options

  • Lab days - working intensively on a project on a company retreat to the Alps
  • Lab sessions - knowledge exchange with colleagues in dedicated onsite sessions
  • Conferences
  • Courses and classes

The selection of courses is generally subject to four governing principles:

  1. Improve skills or learn new things - there should be some connection towards what you do at work or what you want to do at work in the future
  2. You choose - we pay
  3. Do it at your own pace
  4. Take 4 hours a week off for your studies

Classes some of our colleagues are taking:

To conclude: Being part of ESR Labs comes with high self-responsibility which means that if you want to learn, then take action. Select what you want to do and let us pay for it. It is that simple.