Blog: December 2014

A field trip to the Linux Conference

| Florian B.

At E.S.R.Labs we are always interested in improving ourselves. One way to achieve that is by attending conferences, workshops, hackathons, barcamps or happenings like that. Luckily these field trips are welcome and sponsored by the company.

Nico and I decided to visit the (Embedded) Linux Conference in Düsseldorf in October. The preparation time was quite short, as the decision was made one week ahead of the event. Jessi, our team assistant, managed to book flights, hotel rooms and conference tickets for us in no time…basically we had nothing to prepare. Many thanks Jessi for that great service!


Here is our personal journal:

Day 0 We arrived at Düsseldorf’s airport on Sunday morning and picked up a DriveNow car. Quite fascinating that you can unlock these cars with your smartphones. We drove to the hotel, dropped off all of our luggage and headed out to visit downtown Düsseldorf. Later on we went to the conference’s “first time meet and greet event”. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and have some interesting conversations. Afterwards we went out to try some of Düsseldorf’s well known “Alt Bier”. A type of beer which I still need to get used to. We would have gone to bed at a reasonable time but, unfortunately we missed the last ubahn …

Day 1 – 3 Like on a regular Monday we got up with a lack of sleep. Luckily, coffee usually does its job. We found one in the hotel restaurant and started out with a great breakfast. Afterwards we headed to the conference center. First of all, like everybody else, we registered and got our LinuxCon Badge and Shirt.

At 9 am the first keynote started, and the conference immediately was on the roll. We dove into presentations, discussions and all that conference stuff all through Monday and Tuesday (you’ll find a list of our personal highlights and trending topics at the end of this blog entry).

But Wednesday wasn’t a regular conference day, so we had a mission statement: “BE EARLY AND GET A SEAT!”. Why? Linus himself had something to say…

…and actually, people wanted to hear what he has to say. So in between 9 and 10 am about 1500 people tried to enter a room which is supposed to be for about 1200 people. But somehow everybody had some kind of space. Lucky we had the right mission statement for the day :).

Our personal highlights of the conference:

Day 1

  • Enhancing Real-Time Capabilities with the PRU
  • 12 Lessons Learnt in Boot Time Reduction
  • Bluetooth Low Energy and Internet of Things
  • Choosing your system C library

Day 2

  • Embedded Android Workshop
  • Demystifying Android’s Security Underpinnings
  • USB and the real world
  • Chrome OS internals

Day 3

  • Fast Boot: Profiling and Analysis Methods and Tools
  • Advanced Linux Server-Side Threats
  • Network Queuing is All Wet

Many slides were published here

Trending topics of the conference were:

Overall we learned many new cool stuff and got extremely motivated to grab deeper into new technologies. If you haven’t been at a conference: try it and be inspired!

See you in Dublin 2015!

Cheers Nico & Flo