Blog: May 2013


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Have you ever worked in large projects with many compilation units? Were you satisfied by the build system?

We have recently worked in a project with over 100 developers in three countries and the build system was a pain. It was really slow. It was based on Eclipse and it was not possible to build the workspace from command line. Editing and merging the configuration files was a mess. We did some research and tried some tools available on the market, but all of them had one or more drawbacks, so we decided to develop our own tool based on cxxproject, which is written in Ruby. Now we are working on the successor of this tool. It’s available under the name bake:

  • It’s an easy to learn C/C++ build system.
  • The syntax of the configuration files is short, human readable and easy to understand.
  • It is fast.
  • It builds on command line and can be smoothly integrated into IDEs. Plugins for Eclipse and Visual Studio are already available.
  • bake is from developers for developers.

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