Blog: October 2012

Android Transporter for the Nexus 7 and the Raspberry Pi

| Daniel | Comments 175

The Android Transporter allows you to share the display contents of your Nexus 7 tablet wirelessly with other screens in real time. Now, the first tech demo of the Android Transporter is out!

Introduction The Android Transporter allows you to share display content wirelessly with remote screens in real time. Please be aware that the Transporter is still a technology study and it is missing the maturity of a full-featured product. However, we think that the Android Transporter is already exciting enough to let you play around with it. We believe that with the recently released

Miracast standard you will get a very similar technology in upcoming Android devices, and we are considering making the Transporter compliant with the Miracast specs. The Android Transporter is a custom ROM and not an app since we had to make adjustemts to various parts of the Android platform to make it happen. Be aware that you use the Android Transporter at your own risk and that you will void your tablet’s warranty by following the setup instructions below. Moreover, you are not allowed to bundle further Google apps like the Google Play Store with our firmware image. Read on for the quick start guide and some Android Transporter internals.

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