Blog: August 2012

Pragmatic AUTOSAR

| Martin T. | Comments 1

AUTOSAR defines a common standard for automotive software. One part of it is a language for describing software components, their interfaces, their composition to a larger system and many other details required in order to build a complete system. In this article I will outline the challenges we faced during our first large AUTOSAR project, our initial pragmatic solution, its evolution while we gained experience and an outlook on future tools and concepts we imagine.

AUTOSAR on a Grand Scale

About 5 years ago, a team set out to build one of the most complex automotive Electronic Control Units (ECU) at that time following the AUTOSAR standard. Being the software architect of this challenging project, I soon realized that the tools we had at hand were not sufficient for the job: We had to describe a huge system consisting of around 100 software components with their interfaces exchanging around 2000 different data items. This process involved automotive function experts and developers creating, reviewing and changing the description of the software components.

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