Blog: May 2012

Android Transporter

| Daniel | Comments 58

The Android Transporter allows you to share display content wirelessly with other screens in real time.

The Android Transporter beams the display contents of your smartphone or tablet onto other gadgets, TVs, video projectors, and car infotainment systems. Our prototype shows that this is possible even with the old Google Nexus S. To implement this efficiently we had to deeply integrate our technology into the Android platform by utilizing hardware accelerated H.264 encoders and decoders. The Android Transporter implements the display sharing by combining a set of standardized technologies. The Wi-Fi Alliance® is currently forming a standard called Miracast™ that promises to deliver the same functionality. We aim to make the Android Transporter fully compliant with the Miracast™ specs as soon as they are available.

The following features will arrive soon:

  • Dual screen support with accompanying SDK.
  • WiFi Direct support.
  • Further improvements to the user experience by reducing the latency.
  • We plan to open-source our patches for the Android platform. Stay tuned!

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