Crafting Embedded Systems


We are a team of software engineers united by our enthusiasm for developing embedded systems. As full stack developers, we help our clients realize their real-time, connectivity, mobile or backend projects. Today, our software runs in millions of cars.

Clients include

  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Bosch
  • Continental
  • peiker
  • Denso



Auto » Mate

Automate is an Autosar Authoring Tool with a textual user interface. It’s particularly well suited for large Autosar projects and is tailored to the needs of software developers.

  • Textual Modeling

    Edit Models like Code and collaborate with ease.

  • Fast & Scalable

    Fast startup and short turnaround. Even for very large models.

  • 100% AUTOSAR

    The pure standard. With project specific macros on top.

  • Multi Editor Support

    Plugins for Eclipse, Visual Studio and VIM, with more to come.

  • Scripting Interface

    Automate model checks and changes with the powerful scripting language.

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Min # Droid

Mindroid is an open-source messaging and concurrency framework inspired by Google's Android operating system.

  • Message Passing

    Mindroid makes it easy for your applications to use message passing as primary communication mechanism.

  • Highly Portable

    Support for multiple operating systems is on board. Porting to new platforms is made easy.

  • No Explicit Locking

    Makes it unnecessary to use explicit locking mechanisms.

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Does not need to look at source code...machine code is all he needs. Alexey Software Engineer
From soldering gun to Unix: he masters everything Anatoli Software Engineer
Ruby, Python, C++ and more... he likes all of them. Creator of the bake build-system. Alexander Software Engineer
Loves to find bugs in oscilloscopes. Filmaking and visual effects are his hobbies. Attila Software Engineer
C++ hacker and one of our best foosball players. Andreas Software Engineer
Can set up and analyze every system. Bjoern Dev Ops
Bernhard Software Engineer
Programs embedded systems and never swears. Christian Software Engineer
Jack of all trades. Master of all. You can find him surfing the Eisbach wave at 5am. Christian Software Engineer
Christian S.
Christian S. Software Engineer
Dietrich Software Engineer
Mr. Concurrency. Loves operating systems and Erlang. Developer of Mindroid. Daniel Software Engineer
Fan of using exotic algorithms. Daniel Software Engineer
Embedded is his second nature. Daniel Software Engineer
One of the E.S.R. Labs embedded gurus. The oscilloscope is his best friend. Eugen Software Engineer
Florian B.
Android programmer and photographer. He took these pictures ;) Florian B. Software Engineer
Florian L.
Still quite new in our team...but as far as we know he can do everything. Florian L. Software Engineer
His passions are C++, Git and driving around with his self-made camper Felix Software Engineer
Loves watching the stars - contributed to NASA's SOFIA project. Frank Software Engineer
Proud developer of the radio app. Gerd Software Engineer
Feels at home inside a Unix command prompt. His favorite operating system is Emacs. Henri Software Engineer
His favorite hobby is automating everything. Ilya Software Engineer
Johannes Functional Safety Manager
Can sell freezers to eskimos. Jürgen Sales Guy
John Hinke
C++ Guru and cooking freak John Hinke
The backbone of E.S.R. Labs. Jessica Team Assistant
Software Craftsman and Ninja Kevin Software Engineer
Karsten Software Engineer
Manuela Team Assistent
Network and C++ specialist. Still on first rank at 4Clojure. Matthias Software Engineer
Martin K.
When not touring through Germany with his heavy metal band, he ensures that all systems do what they should. Martin K. Software Engineer
Martin M.
When not hacking deeply embedded code he likes to participate in 24h bike races . Martin M. Software Engineer
Martin T.
AUTOSAR guru and Ruby fan. Creator of Automate. Martin T. Software Engineer
Italo Schwabe and Python hacker. Nico Software Engineer
Oliver E.
Oliver E. Software Project Manager
C++ and Haskell guy. Facilitates our monthly coding challenges. Oliver Software Engineer
Likes to create tools and embedded solutions. Ralf Software Engineer
Owns a programmable robotic arm. Eats regular expressions for breakfast. Stefanos Software Engineer
Our offline wikipedia Tom Software Engineer
Can carry a lot of books ;-) Troels Software Engineer
Thomas G.
Thomas G. Test Engineer
We call him "the rocket". Thomas Software Engineer
Tortures all systems and sniffs out impossible bugs. Viktor Dev Ops
Android and Java hacker. Smartwatches are her jewelry. Veronika Software Engineer
Vladimir Software Engineer
Runs E.S.R. Labs and makes sure everyone is happy. Wolfgang Managing Director




Why work at E.S.R. Labs?

E.S.R. Labs is a company founded by software developers for software developers. Our goal is to create a work environment in which programmers can thrive. Given a diverse set of projects you have the chance to work with a wide range of technologies with the freedom to explore new things. What we offer:

  • Choose your own setup: you select the equipment and tools you want to work with.
  • Have fun and learn new things at our regular hackathons, programming challenges and hands-on workshops.
  • Attend renowned software conferences.
  • Work in a company NOT enslaved by any investors - we are self-funded!

Machine Learning Engineer

As Machine Learning Developer you are responsible for the modeling of several aspects for autonomous driving for autonomous driving, especially in Computer Vision. Furthermore, you implement, optimize and port on embedded platforms and develop new network topologies.

  • Good know-how in Machine Learning with focus at Deep Learning
  • Development experience with C/C++ and Python/Lua
  • Know-how in any of the following frameworks: Caffe, TensorFlow, Torch
  • Thorough knowledge of Computer Vision
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Automotive Embedded Systems

Help us raise the standards when it comes to automotive software development. We work with the top automotive OEMs and are looking for:

  • Specialization in embedded systems and/or network programming.
  • Strong low-level programming skills and a thorough understanding of hardware architectures.
  • Extensive programming experience in C/C++ with strong object oriented design skills.
  • Experience in AUTOSAR a plus.
  • Experience in model-driven development is a plus.
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Android / Linux Developer

We are convinced that the future of embedded systems lies in Android and Linux. Work with us on exciting projects and help us shape the embedded platforms of the future. Things we look for are:

  • A solid foundation in computer science with strong competencies in operating systems, computer networks, data structures, algorithms, and software design.
  • Specialization in operating systems, multimedia systems and/or network programming.
  • Experience in writing high quality Linux system software and/or Android applications.
  • Experience in Linux Kernel development is a plus.
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Java Developer

As a Java developer you are responsible for developing machine-to-machine (M2M) applications for the Internet of Things. Your skills:

  • Java programming experience
  • Enjoy developing and shipping software
  • Basic knowledge of architecture, data structure, algorithms and scripting
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DSL Developer Ruby and C++

Be part of a great team and help us build the development tools of the future. Your skills:

  • Extensive programming experience in C/C++ with strong object oriented design skills
  • Programming experience in Ruby
  • Enjoy developing and shipping software
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